Favorite new music

There isn’t much new music that catches my attention.  I usually am listening to the music referred to in my previous post by the CDs I own, mp3 files on my computer, streaming them through Spotify, or watching videos or concert footage on TV channels such as VH1 Classic or Palladia or even on video sites such as YouTube on the Internet.  Two new bands have stood out to me lately and they are vastly different.

The first one is Foster the People.  Heck their song Pumped Up Kicks is beyond catchy.  I watched a few live performances by them on various media and they sound even better to me live than the music they recorded.  Plus, you can tell they are not lip-synching and really playing their instruments – a really big deal to me.  They do not sound like anyone else.

The second band I really like is The Sword.  Much heavier band than Foster the People.  They just released a new CD in October titled Apocryphon which is really heavy, has many fist-pumping, headbanging riffs, and catchy as well.  I have also watched several of their live performances and videos on YouTube and they sound just as good there.  The singer is not the best but he is also playing guitar most of the time while trying to sing and I know that is very hard to do.front54


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